Issue 2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2

Issue 14:2

Kenneth Houston

Pseudo Neutrality in Intra-State Conflict: Myanmar’s Official Discourse on Rakhine

Although the most recent manifestation of conflict in Rakhine can be traced to the coordinated attack on Myanmar security forces in August 2017 by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (hereafter ARSA), it goes without saying that the problem has a longer history. For this paper a corpus of official Myanmar government sources was examined qualitatively using the critical discourse analysis (CDA) method. Within the official pronouncements of the Myanmar state since August 2017 we can discern the…

Issue 14:2

Jan Slavíček

S. P. Huntington’s Civilizations Twenty-Five Years On

The study is based on the concept of Huntington's civilizations. They were used as a methodological basis for an analysis of the changes in their geopolitical power between 1995–2020 with the following conclusions: 1) The large population growth of 1995-2020 has been driven primarily by African, Islamic and Hindu civilizations, 2) Economically, the unquestionable superiority of Western civilization has remained, although its share has declined. A large economic growth has been mainly seen in…

Issue 14:2

Radka Havlová

Sino-Qatari Relations after the ‘Qatar Blockade’ in the Context of the Regional Implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative

The article examines the development of the relations between China and Qatar since the ‘Qatar blockade’ in June 2017. Both Qatar and China view themselves as strategic partners and their relations are developing on the diplomatic and political level as well as in the field of economy and finances regardless of the ‘Qatar blockade’ and Qatar’s subsequent regional isolation. The article explains that since the introduction of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013, the mutual…

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